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Smart home devices could help the public better control electricity usage

The City of Cape Town announced today that after the power cuts experienced over the weekend it is even more determined to gain the right to procure and sell its own renewable energy. Executive director for energy and climate Kadri Nassiep said the city is also considering implementing smart home devices which could help the public better control their electricity usage.


Dr. Andrew Dickson, Executive: Engineering at CBI-electric: low voltage welcomes this as it will assist to alleviate the strain on the national grid. “Now is the time to put the power back in South Africa’s hands by using smart devices and home automation products. South Africans across the country, and not only in the Western Cape, have access to implementing these devices in their homes.”


“This allows locals to manage their energy output by scheduling when high energy powered appliances should switch on and off. Should they schedule these appliances to be turned off during peak hours, this will not only alleviate the grid but can save consumers money when it comes to their electricity usage, as well as protect appliances from electrical surges as a result of load shedding,” he says.

Dr. Andrew Dickson, Executive: Engineering at CBI-electric: low voltage
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