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Astute Smart Device

Connecting Issues

When trying to pair your Astute device and the blue LED goes off and then solid blue, but does not show up on your phone, this is caused by a router issue.  Follow the steps on the Router Issue Assistance manual.

More information: Astute Range

How to pair an Astute Smart Device with a Mikrotik router

  1. Log into your Mikrotik router if you have the “admin” user and password credentials, otherwise ask Vox Telecom support to login
  2. Go to the “Webfig” option
  3. Click on the “IP” arrow to extend the menu and click “DHCP Server”
  4. Inside the “DHCP Server” menu, click on the “Networks” option and double click on the “IP address” field
  5. Click on the arrow next to “DNS Servers” and change the address “” to “”, click “OK” to save the change
  6. The DNS entry should now appear under “DNS Servers”

I got a new Wi-Fi router. How do I reconnect my devices?

You have two options.  You can repeat the pairing procedure for each device (download the instruction leaflet) and set schedules and smart automations again.  It is easy but time-consuming for many Wi-Fi devices.  Or, set the new router to have the exact same SSID (Wi-Fi name) and password as your previous router.  The latter requires some knowledge of your router settings but will allow all your existing Wi-Fi devices to seamlessly transfer to the new router.

More information: Astute Range

Does my smartphone have to be on the same Wi-Fi connection as device to pair?

Yes, the same Wi-Fi connection is required to pair.  If you have a range extender that is closer to the Astute Smart Device, ensure that your smartphone is also connected to the extender and not main Wi-Fi Router.  After pairing is complete, the smartphone can use any internet connection (3G, LTE, Wi-Fi) to operate the app functions.