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Five Ways Tech is Revolutionising Home Automation

Home automation is on the rise across the globe and South Africa is swiftly following suit. It’s easy to see why, as tomorrow’s tech savvy consumers can easily control energy efficiency, ensure safety, and reduce their carbon footprint, conveniently from the palm of their hands thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT).


Mitigating IoT Hurdles Can Unlock Billions for SA

With a projected annual growth rate of 13.28%, the South African IoT market is set to reach a staggering US$11.32 billion by 2028. This rise is largely credited to the commercial, mining, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors which are already harnessing intelligent water and energy management solutions.

Outsmarting Eskom’s Proposed Demand Side Management Solution

South Africa is currently experiencing longer power outages due to components within the transmission and distribution network failing as a result of load shedding, prompting Eskom to suggest replacing the current load shedding model with a demand side management approach.