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CBI-electric launches a remote actuation unit

With the introduction of renewable energy into the main stream market and the drive for higher data performance of systems, companies are looking to exploit the enabling possibilities of DC power.  These developments in technology and increased DC power usage require dedicated DC protection equipment.


CBI-electric’s established team of design engineers have developed a comprehensive range of DC miniature circuit breakers (MCBs), DC moulded case circuit breakers (MCCBs) as well as a variety of accessories suitable for providing protection of DC systems.  The latest addition to the DC range is the newly launched remote actuation unit (RAU). This is a factory-fitted module that enables automated switching of the CBI DD-frame circuit breaker.  Andrew Joannou, product development engineer at CBI-electric: low voltage, states:  “Often a circuit breaker is installed in distant, inaccessible, inconvenient or unsafe environments.  The RAU solves this problem by allowing the user to control the state of the breaker from a safe and convenient distance”. The user is able to specify the operation mode of the RAU to either remote or manual.  Andrew adds, “The manual operation condition overrides the remote signal, allowing the RAU to be safely operated manually during maintenance or installation”.


When the RAU is in remote mode, the user can signal the RAU to internally actuate the circuit breaker both ON and OFF.  The unit has two indicators, namely an LED that provides an indication of the mode of operation (remote or manual) and operational status.  The second is a colour indicator which shows the position of the latching mechanism of the connected circuit breaker – green for OFF and red for ON.


The RAU is well suited for various applications such as the battery management sector, system automation, telecommunications, railways and solar, or any installation where switching operations are in inconvenient, inaccessible or unsafe environments. 


The RAU is fully tested and has the VDE marks approval.  With this addition to the DC portfolio of new products, CBI increases an already strong position internationally as an equipment protection supplier to the telecommunications, rail and solar industries.